Beautifully written and observed. The film has stayed with me, and I have wanted to discuss it at length. Your critique of it made me feel as if I have just had a healthy, refreshing conversation about it. Bravissima. Grazie mille. I hope Cate B. receives an Oscar for her performance!

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As long as there are people, there will be monsters who abuse power to dominate people. As long as there is power, it will ultimately destroy those who can't control it...and almost none of us are able to truly control it.

I enjoyed Tár, but I think I might have had a better appreciation of and for it if I were a women or, better yet, a lesbian. The political/interpersonal aspects of the movie felt difficult to come to grips with, and I felt ill-equipped to process them as it moved along.

The finale was simultaneously decisive and indecisive, a commentary on how far the mighty and self-absorbed can fall while also not giving the story a feeling of resolution (a particularly American shortcoming- we like things wrapped with a neat, tidy bow).

Nonetheless, I'd pay to watch Cate Blanchett in a condom commercial.

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Feb 9, 2023·edited Feb 9, 2023

Power is swung and always hits someone. Yeah, I guess it is and does. But then, the exercise of power inevitably involves the exercise of decision concerning some objective or other and decisions almost always result in advantages to some and disadvantages to others. The disadvantaged are often in a position to claim victimhood, and some of them, who have been imposed upon by arbitrary, willful, mean, egregious power-wielders truly are. And when a victim inflicts a comeuppance, well, it's delicious and can also be made to seem it's occurrence was always fated.

I too skipped part 2 with the hope I will find a way to see the film. Your sharp review makes it almost necessary.

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I skipped part 2, as I hope to see this film. But that will only be after I am settled and can watch someone else's nervous breakdown without it exasperating my own.

By the way, I am amazed at your ability to focus with all that's going on for you these days. I need to remind myself to keep breathing.

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Yes, thanks for writing your interpretation. I watched it alone and no one who has seen it- so I was at a loss to be able to process it. I feel I have a film buddy now to discuss it with. I too was taken aback by the ending in both its content and abruptness. I think your interpretations were on the mark! thanks for helping me through the discomforts of the film. The acting was brilliant-as you said!!

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